Important Three  informations that everyone should know

        Today I would like to inform you about three important  things First one is  Kissan samman nidhi customers get Rs 2000 each in their accounts. Pradhan Mantri  kisan saman nidhi is an initiative by central government for all farmers . 

       They will get Rs 6000 per year . This benefit gets to all small and marginal farmers. It is very useful benefit for all farmers.The current Rs 2000 is the eighth installment of the kisan samman nidhi.

       Next information is a new amendment from the central government. This is an important rule that buyers and sellers of jewellery should be aware of this information.The government has made a rule of hall marking of gold jewellery mandatory. 

        The government gives one year time to jewellers to register their jewellery with BIS. No jeweller will be allowed to sell ornaments without hall marking.BIS hall marking is necessary. It is illegal to sell jewellery without BIS hallmarking after June.

           Next information is to mention the biggest amendment coming to those with a central Service pension. Aadhar Card has  so far been considered as an important document in their life certificate. 

       But now it has been ordered that Aadhar is not a mandatory documents for their life certificate. Therefore we can now use other certificates as documents to get the pension.

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