Important  things to look for when starting a business with low investment 


     Everyone  wants to start a business with low investment. But Everyone  not able to fulfill their dream due to insufficient investment. With several low investment  businesses, they can earn good profits. You can start your passion  as your business. Every business  needs time, money and risk.if you want to earn more profits,  you should spend  more time and take more risks. You should focus on your skills and habits.less investment  businesses  have a lot of problems. 

     First problem is about  company registration. It is a long ,tiring,costly  affair for small business  owners.Fund is another problem. Every business  needs an adequate  capital.businesses also run with adequate  funds. Less availability of funds  affects the business. You should  not buy adequate  raw materials  without money.raw materials are necessary. It affects the functioning of business. 

      Small businesses are not able to adapt to the latest technologies. It affects the production or manufacturing  process with the products made in low quality at higher cost .They can’t get information on competitors, consumers,and current trends. They do not prepare marketing  plan.They can’t use creative  ways to advertise the products. Small businesses  fail to utilize machineries until required capacity. Another problem  is the poor project planning. New workers are an issue .You should assign different  tasks to different people. Smal, businesses can’t understand the GST rules.

      You can overcome  these problems  easily. To keep the daily  business expenses under control. You should  reduce the number  of telephonic connections. Never buy bulk.You should avoid traditional  marketing. Keeping tabs on the stock.selling products  online ,hiring theroght people. Planning stock in advance. You should use technology. You can check the sales data ,maintain  sales history, can use mobile wallets to add or spend  money .you can market  your products  with social  media.

      You should support  and guide staff,train them to speak effectively. We can’t start some businesses  with less investment. As a customer they think about increasing the rates . They do not buy the products. So we can’t decide to change the packets and grow the business.  Some people  make a compromise in the quality .we should not compromise the cost in products,package, quality.  You can compromise in the process. 

        We can reduce the cost through should  maintain  good quality of the products. You can give highly professional  quality  to the customers. Otherwise it affects the brand value. If you are an entrepreneur, you should start to make quality  products. 

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