Important things to know when buying tiles

                       Tiles play a huge role in beautifying our homes.Today I would like to share with you today what are the things to look for when buying tiles. Often we just look at its beauty. 

         If we buy a kitchen top,we should remember these things.In the olden days ,we used granite.Nowadays we are using nano white tiles. These tiles has no damage or colour variation.Likewise this tile does not stain.Its cost is Rs 200.

       In original granite,it is directly polished. Many of granites are not originally granites .If we buy granites,don’t buy below Rs100.

      There are many types of tiles.Ceramic, vertified,double charge(½ ceramic  and ½ vertified tile),digital ,full body tiles.Water will seep into the ceramic tiles.There may be a chance to get marks.This stain will not go away even if the tile dries. But this is an inexpensive tile.

            In vertified tiles,does not seep water in to it.It is waterproof tile.2×2 vertified tile costs Rs25.

Double  charge tiles costs 2×2 size is Rs 40. These tiles doesn’t stained,damaged.Next is the digital printing tiles.All Italian marbles are printed like this tiles.This tiles costs  is increased just Rs 5 from digital tiles.Fullbody tiles 2×2 are costs Rs 50 .These are the changes of tiles.

          Tambron granites,flash green   are very good material.These are exporting granites.Lapothra granites are good quality material.It costs Rs 100.It has grip.It is natural .

            Always take big tile.Because it has good finishing and clarity.Big tiles make vibration.If the tile doesn’t have vibration, may be a chance to break.Always take quality materials.

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