Important things to know when buying  a new laptop  

             The laptop has become one of the most essential things in our country. When buying a laptop for the first time, you need to think about what you want with this laptop. You also need to think about how long you need a laptop to use. You have to figure out what you will do with your laptop in such a long time. When buying a laptop, you should also think about what is looks like.

        First it must have consider a calculation of its screen size and long term vision. If you are travelling a lot or you want more backup, you might prefer a smaller screen size( below 14 inch). If you want to watch movies and more, it is best that you choose 14 inches to the top.

        Intel processors are currently available in our  market. Processor is the brain of the computer. Then you consider the clock speed of processor. The speed of processor is 1.9 Ghz ,2 Ghz, 2.5 Ghz. Let us see what is meant by the processors clock speed. 1.9 Ghz processor 1.9 billion instructionsexecute within one second.

           As  your clock speed increases ,so does increase the performance of CPU. 

Important processors available in the market

              Intel celeron, Intel Pentium Pro ,Intel Pentium 2, Intel Pentium 3,Intel atom. These are basic mode processors. Intel  I3 ,Intel I5 these are little more performance-oriented. If you wish to looking for a powerful laptop, you will prefer I7 Processor. The latest generation will be the better .

RAM( Random Access Memory)

        4GB is the least acquired  requirement. 8GB is the consider meterage model. If  you want the good performance in heavy task, like video/ photo editing you can you 16GB RAM. These are the primary storage.

         Let’s we look at our laptop’s storage.

Hard disk drive, solid state drive

Hard disk drive

         It is the technology that everyone uses. It has  low price compared to the solid state device. More storage space are available. But it has low speed than  SSD.

Solid State Device

            It is faster compared to HDD. But it is costly and different storage size and it has a limited storage space.

Hybrid models

           There are  type of models that come with a hard disc and a solid  state disc in a single laptop.

 Integrated graphic processor

             it comes as a  part of the processor 

Dedicated graphic processor

                     It is a separate graphic card and based on model ,not purchased on its capacity .

Battery backup

        Best is the 10 hours backup computers. Mainly you consider the use and buy the system .

Operating System

             You should decide the operating system of your laptop. Windows platform, Linux operating system, these are available in our markets. Windows platform is used for school or college use. Windows platform is paid software. Linux is used for advanced coding. Linux is a free software .Both of have  activities are same but limit on the games. 

          Chrome OS is the operating system of Google. It   consider only for basic activities. it is cloud based . The Mac OS is only available in Apple Laptops, it is optimised. if you want to buy a laptop for the use of office or home ,the Windows is  best. For media related things, Mac OS is the best.

 Types of laptop

  • Netbook model

        It is light weighted  and compact. If you are a traveller, prefer this type of laptops. This display size is very small and large battery backup .

  • Ultrabook 

         it is comfortable and it is a large budget version .It has higher configuration model . And it is good for advanced users.

Conventional laptops

           It has scattered price tags. We can do heavy task in this laptop. You can choose high to low budget in this types. Choose the best processor.

 If you are a student,please  choose 

          Intel celeron dual care, Intel Pentium dual, AMD A4, A6 ,A9. 1TB hard disk  4GB RAM.

 If  you are a teacher, 

            Intel I3 or above, AMD ryzen 3 or above, The budget is  30,000 to 40,000 .Hard disk driver or SSD are available. The RAM is 4GB, it is light weighted.

If you are a professional

        budget 40,000 to 60000 ,intel I5 or  above, AMD Ryzen 5 or above ,HSD,SSD or hybrid options are available. Ram 8GB . 

For college  uses,

         Intel I3 or above, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard disk drive.

For  engineering student,

       Budget  40,000-50,000 .Intel I5 is better. Dedicated graphic card  considered. 

For Gamers

        50,000 and above. (For media used  ) . Intel i5 ,i7, i9. AMD ryzen R5, R7 .8GB ,16GB ,32GB. RAM  HDD,SSD,SSD + HDD hybrid .

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