Important things to know the ration card holders

         The ration card is one of the largest  documents in ourstate. AAY card holders now receive E W S certificate. There are many benefits to be getting from this certificate. 

         For government jobs receive financial reservation through this certificate. Ration card is asked as an important document when applying for welfare schemes.

      There are four main types of ration cards in our state. Of these ,white cards receive the least subsidy. Other cards receive  benefits from both the state and the central government.

           A scheme called one country one ration card is being implemented in our country. It is essential that we check that the names of all the members in our  ration card are linked to the Aadhar card.

      We can link like this through ration shops or Akshaya Kendra.It  is essential that the ration card is linked to the Aadhar card in order for all ration card holders to avail the food benefits.

          The ration card should be linked to the Aadhaar card to avail the benefits of the central and state governments. The government will send notices to those who do not buy food for 3 months. If they do not give a satisfactory answer they are transferred to a white card holder.

        Eligible candidates can apply now for priority cards. Those who have scored  at least 30 marks can join the provisional list.We can apply to the taluk supply offices.

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