Important things that refrigerator users need to know

              We all have refrigerators in our homes.It is very useful for us to keep the foods without spoiling. But most of us do not know how to keep clean the fridges. Let me share with you today the basic information that the refrigerator users need to know.

         Shaking the fridge even when placed on a flat floor is a big problem. But let’s see how to fix that fridge.One foot from the bottom of the fridge should be firmly attached to the floor level. Then the fridge do not shake.

            Next tip is , we are all put clothes in the hand of the fridge.It is harmful to the fridge.When  we open the fridge that time the clothes rub and make marks in the hands. Sometimes we touch the clothe with wet hand.It may cause rust on the hand of the fridge.

        Another problem is breakdown of  freezer door in the single door fridges.When we open the door,the ice falling on the closing part of the floor.That is why we need to manually remove the ice that falls when we open the freezer.

          However it is best not to take these ice cubes with knife or forcely.It may cause gas leak and make  damage to the fridge.So if the ice clogs,slowly press the switch, inside the fridge. Slowly the fridge  turns off and the ice melts.

          Another problem is the light inside the fridge is damaged. We can easily change the light.

      Sometimes the door  do not closed properly. We can remove the beadings and clean .Then  fit properly clear that problem. Leaking water when the fridge opens and lay the water on the bottom  is another problem.We can remove dirt from the tray using a cable.

         If the fridge have low cooling change the thermo starter.During lightening plug off the fridge.Keep the fridge in an airy space.Do not burn candles near the fridge.It may cause firing.Keep the fridge neat and tidy.

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