Today I would like to inform you about the main symptoms of pneumonia.  Pneumonia  is the infection  that occurs in the air sacs of two lungs.  

      The air sacs filled with either fluid or pus. It is a life threatening  condition.  The main symptoms  are fever, chills,cough with phlegm,dyspnea, dehydration, fatigue, sweating,wheezing.

     We can diagnose  pneumonia  through  chest x ray,CBC,pulse oximeter. We can also check the capacity  of lungs using a peak flow meter. It is a secondary bacterial  infection. 

      But we can check the capacity of lungs at home. Normally we take oxygen  through trachea. Continuous fever,chest pain in the time of oxygen  aspiration(pleurisy chest pain),breathing  difficulty  are the main symptoms  of pneumonia. 

      We can check the signs.Respiratory rate is greater than 30/mt,heart rate is greater than 120/ mt, pale skin colour are the other signs  of pneumonia. If you have any of these symptoms,  please consult a doctor  immediately. 

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