Important grounds for eviction of tenants

Renting house is very difficult. It is very easy to find a tenant and sign a rental agreement. A person takes a huge risk by lending his property to stranger. After lenting property, Tenant is a person that rents and occupies a house from another for a period of time.Communication is important when it comes to property management. The first duty of a tenant is to pay rent.The tenant was obligated to pay rent regardless of whether or not the landlord was in covenants. A good and dependable tenant should provide a good detailed application.They have a good record.

They should be easily the rent the property wisely.The rental agreement is a contract between landlord and tenant. It is agreed on before the tenant moves in.The agreement may be verbal,written. But written agreement is better,it provides evidence. A good tenant has a healthy record of time payments,steady income,positive credit reports, ability to replace damaged property and good references from past landlords.Tenancy agreement is necessary. It protects your property.It prevents potential disputes.Failure to pay rent on time can lead to eviction of tenancy.

An eviction notice should be filed in a court,stating the basis for eviction, time and date by which the tenant must leave the property. The landlord can allow the tenant a reasonable amount of time to quit .Despite several requests from the owner, the tenants refuse to leave the property. You can evict tenants from your property easily.

Renant tenancy is a type of lease in which the property temporarily transferred from should have proper rental agreement with your tenant, it should contains rent amount,duration of agreement, security deposit, purpose of stay.Rental agreement should contain terms and conditions of contract.eviction of tenant is possible when the lease ends by providing formal notice .if the tenant still refuses to leave,landlord will have to file lawsuit .

If you end property for your need ,you can evict the tenants from the property. If the value of land decreased ,because of tenants action,if the owner plans to build a house ,if the neighbour find the tenants activities distaste ful,if tenant utilised rented property for illegal purposes, the owner can evict the tenants from the property.

The owner should not carry out eviction by using illegal methods.Do not shut off electricity, changing locking mechanism, throwing away the goods.These are criminal offense ,the tenant has thr right to pursue charges against him.The rental agreement should be for 11 months.owner can’t remove tenant without providing eviction notice.Rent agreement must be made with help of a property lawyer.According to Supreme Court law,at least 5 years the owner can’t evict a tenant.

you should file a notice in a court ,stating for eviction, time and date by which the tenant must leave the property. Owner should provide reasonable time to quit the pro.Then file a suit for eviction. After eviction order,tenant has the option of refusing to leave the property. That time the owner can file an eviction lawsuit against tenant.The court hear both parties,depending arguments issues a final legal notice of eviction. The tenant must leave the property.

According to lease and rent control act,to regulate the leasing of buildings, to control rent of buildings. The grounds of eviction of tenants are

Non payment of rent by tenant
Landlord bona fide need of the building for hos own occupation or for the occupation of family members.
Sublease by tenant without consent of the owner.
Use of building by tenant in a manner as to destroy or reduce its value or utility materials permanently.
Tenant already has in position a building or subsequently acuires position of a building.
Reconstruction of building and owner required bona fide to reconstruct the same.
Tenant ceases to occupy building continously for 6 months without reasonable causes.
Landlord is a religious,charitable, educational or other public institution and needs building for purpose of institution .
additional accommodation

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