Important Features of Guardians Truecaller safety application

True caller is used to identify who was calling.It is a leader in caller ID. It is a caller ID application. It is trusted and used by over 330 million people to identify calls and SMS.It helps to allow for quick and accurate protection from scams, fraud calls, etc.It stops spam in tracks. It is a safe and efficient communication method. It was created to identify callers,but today it is used to fight crime. It helps to identify Unknown numbers spam or companies calling before picking up. It will identify domestic or international numbers. Truecaller will automatically detect the name of the person, location if they are spammer or more.

When an unknown person calls you, it will not just identify their name. It will also show their location when they are a business or not profile picture. Their unique call reason feature adds an extra layer of information to help decide to pick up or not the call. Full screen options are also available. You can choose the details of the call across your whole screen.

Truecaller automatically identifies robocalls, scams, fraud, harassment,telemarketers etc. It helps to identify incoming calls or summers and detect the spammer. You can block all types of unwanted calls and messages also. It helps reduce noise from unwanted numbers. It will stop unwanted calls in their tracks. You can ensure blocking calls for all top spammers. You can create your own block list inside the application. Caller ID automatically detects top spammers who have been heavily marked by your community.

True application can be used as your main SMS application to send and receive text, identify spam text messages,scheduled future messages etc. It helps to automatically flag and filter spam SMS to another inbox to make sure you were only seeing messages. Our inbox has mainly four category messages. They are important messages, personal messages,business messages and spam messages. You can use this application to group chat also. Invite upto 25 people in a group to share videos, photos,messages and voice messages etc.

Guardians from Truecaller helps to get safety. In new places or walking Home Alone, these things can be unsafe for women . By choosing trusted people as guardians allowing them to see where you are, you can have a piece of mind and protection. You can invite your friends and family to be your guardian. You can choose the people you trust to see your location when needed. You can share your GPS location privately through this application. Notify your guardians immediately when you are feeling unsafe. You can choose the option to share your location permanently to trusted people.

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