Important Benefits of coconut  water


      Coconut water has a lot of health benefits. It has a sweet, nutty contains easily  digested Carbohydrates. It is a natural  source of electrolytes and nutrients. Drinking coconut water daily  increases circulation .It is high in potassium,sodium, magnesium. free of cholesterol  and fats,prevent kidney stones.

      We can use coconut water as a sports  drink. Because it contains  various electrolytes. Most people do not take adequate  potassium  in their diet. Coconut water helps to lower blood pressure  levels in our body. It also fights against  acne, It has antimicrobial properties. It has a lot of nutritional  facts. It supports  good digestion. It contains  magnesium.  So it helps to prevent  constipation. Drinking coconut  water helps with daily hydration which promotes circulation  and radiant skin. 

      It supports heart health. Drinking early mornings helps in many ways.  It contains  Laurie acid. It boosts immunity, facilitates weight loss.It brightens your skin. We can use coconut  water for hair loss. It promotes cell growth  and keeps hair strong. It improves blood circulation. 

       It is rich in antioxidants. We can apply it to the hair  and scalp. It helps to repair damaged  hair.It prevents urinary tract infection. It reduces fatigue. It is a natural  energy  drink.It has a lot of health benefits. It increases beauty. We can use it instead of vinegar. 

      It contains thiamin , riboflavin and niacin. It helps to prevent  infections. It has anti viral  anti bacterial properties. It prevents  seasonal diseases. It contains  magnesium. So it prevents migraine.  Do not add sugar or artificial  contents to it. Washing your face with coconut  water daily increases beauty.  

      It has a lot of nutritional benefits. It contains  a lot of antioxidants. It moisturises  dry skin. Add rose water to the coconut  water and spray to the body .It helps to prevent  dryness of the skin. Add sandal, turmeric  in the coconut  water and make a paste and apply to the face. It helps to reduce acne. 

      Massaging your hair with coconut  water helps to reduce hair loss. It increases blood supply in the scalp and moisturises the hair. Add apple cider vinegar to the coconut  water and apply to the scalp. After some time, wash well.It helps to brighten your hair. 

      We can make vinegar from coconut  water. Add 1 liter coconut water to the 100 ml vinegar . After 15 days, filter it. Again after 15 days,filter and we can use it as vinegar.  It is always used in agricultural fields. Add milk to the coconut water and spray to the chilli. It helps increase the production  of chilly. 

       It has a large content  of nitrogen and potassium.  It helps to increase the flower production. Add coconut  water to the 3 yeast,one pinch  carbosulfan. It reduces insects in the agricultural  field. 

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