Importance to check the creatine level earlier

       One of the major problems that most of us face  is high levels of creatinine in the blood.We depend a lot of drugs to reduce the creatinine level. But let’s look what is  creatinine ,how it increases in our body and how to reduce creatinine level.

      The main symptoms are swelling,loss of appetite, nausea,chest pain,fatigue, itchiness,swelling on the face and legs,decreases the urine output.Normal creatinine level in our body is 0.6-1.2. High cholesterol level, sugar, triglyceride should definitely be tested for that kidney function test.

     Creatinine is something that is needed to build muscles in our body.Ir is the waste product produced by muscles and removed through our kidneys.Our body maintains the normal range of creatinine. 

          But if there is any damage to our kidneys,the creatinine level is likely to increased.But there is no symptoms. It may cause kidney failure. We can take precautions earlier.High creatinine level is very harmful to our body.

        BP Variations affects kidney because kidney controlled our BP level.You can check your kidney function level. We can’t reassure kidney function ..We should  take low protein diet ,low fat diet .

     So you should follow healthy life style.Avoid stressful diet. Diabetes also affect kidney functions.Avoid creatine containing supplements. Take fiber rich diet.Dehydration can increase creatine  level.

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