Importance of solar panels

     Today I would like to inform you about the importance of solar panels . Solar panels are one of the best things to keep in our homes during hot weather. Because we use a lot of electrical appliances in hot weather. It will increases our current level a lot. This is one of the best way to reduce your current bill. But many are still unaware of the features of this solar panel.

      Solar panels derive energy from sun.It helps to reduces collective dependence on fossil fuel. It is the renewable energy. It reduces electricity bill.It has low maintenance cost.  It creates PC power for solar heating. It is also pollution free energy. We get this energy directly from the sun. Sonar panels lasts for 30 years. We can be installed solar panel anywhere virtually. 

       Solar panels are mainly two types. Battery solar panel and electricity connected solar panel.In battery solar panel ( off grid) ,we set a solar panel and connect to the battery, inverter and electrical instruments.  We can be store this solar energy and operated home appliances using this energy 

 without KSEB.

       In on grid ,set the solar panel and connect to the inverter ,Kseb line using a cable.we give KSEB ,the electricity we get through solar panels.We can reduce the electricity bill using this system. For a house with an electricity bill of Rs 2500,need 3 kw solar panel. In off grid its price is Rs 2,40,000. In on grid, its price is Rs 1,80 000.

       We can use on grid solar panel with current.we cant disconnect the KSEB. But we will pay fixed amount to kseb. It has warranty.we can set solar panel  based on slab. It is very use ful for us.

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