Importance of social security pensions

Today I share with you one thing that everyone should pay attention to who received social security pensions in Kerala . Not only that, it is now starting to accepted new applications. Today we are sharing the facts that the applicants need to know. About 49 lakh of people in Kerala receive  social security pensions.

      As per the last budget announcement, the pension which was Rs 1200 was increased by Rs 100 to Rs 1300. The mustering date was extended to February 15 . Due to  covid-19, the state government has given another chance to those who have not yet mustered get social security pensions.

          Here that opportunity ends. Last date for mustering is  July 15 th. In many parts of the state, it has been declared as cantonment zones and triple lockdown. In this case, they have the option of a chance to mustering for one week from the date of concession . We do not know how long it will implemented. Contact your nearest Akshaya Centre as soon as possible.

         Social security pension benefits are now available to over 48 lakh people. The government has distributed 23,255 crore for such people. They have been a huge increase in the number of people receiving various social security pensions distributed through local bodies in the last four years . The minimum pension has been increased from Rs 600 to Rs 1300.

       Old age pension ,widow pension, disability pension and pension for unmarried women above 50 years are distributed through the local self government  institutions . From July 2016, in addition to the payment of pension to the beneficiaries bank account, arrangements have been made for the delivery of the pension to the beneficiaries home. There are about 39 lakh  people in grama panchayat, 5,84,000 in the municipality and 3,37,000 in the corporation. Farmers pension is available to 4,52,000 people and the old age pension to 25,15,000 people . 4 lakh people are included in the disability pension. Benefit for unmarried woman after 50 years of age  84, 896 and widows pension for 13 ½ lakh people.

      From 2011 to 2016, various social security pensions amounted to Rs 8429 crore. But since the last government came to power ,about Rs 23,225 crore has been distributed . We must strive to reap such benefits. In the future, more people should apply for such benefits and try to obtain them

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