Importance  of renovation  of our homes

            Today I want to introduce  importance  of renovate a home .Most of us built  a house with the money in our hands. As the  number of members in the house increases ,we may want to make  changes .We often want to renovate it. But it does not do due to lack of money. But today I want to share with you the importance  that will help you renovate your home.

    Renovation is the process of making additional to a home. It Includes changes in the exterior, interior,improvements  to the home.It gives  a solution to make additional space in our home we deserve. A family grows,their all needs requirements are also changed. It helps  to create more space  in their home.

    We can extend rooms, floor, garage, basement, balcony,etc.  We can build the foundations, if necessary. We can re build rooms, kitchen. If we want to renovate our home, give importance  to the utility. Beauty is the secondary thing.

     We make importance to structural stability. Make sure there is a beam in the renovation area of a house.We can caste beam / eye section. We can use cutters to opening. We can slice the areas.we get this machines rent

      If you want to extend any part,rebar it .we can extend slab and beam with this rebar.It is very helpful. We can make a beam parallel  throughout and load the slab.

      If there is any corner,gives a column and extend it, If retiling above the other tiles,scratch and paste latricate like 2mm gloose . This helps to avoid a lot of height.If there is any breaking tiles, remove it. repatch it .

      If there is any leakage in the renovation area, clear it and renovate it. 


Age limit is between 21 yrs to 58 years.

Monthly income should be Rs 20,000

2 yr work experience 

We get this loan with low interest rate . Check the eligibility and submit the application form and documents through online. We can apply through  the website of TATA capital.

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