Importance of pattayam, kerala land assignment rules and kerala land reforms act

Pattayam is the first and original record about the ownership of a property. All properties are government owned. After completing a survey of land owned by a person is allotted with the survey number. It is held by citizens or other organisations. Government has the right to take back property for increasing the breadth of road construction.

To get pattayam the holders of land should give an application to the Land Tribunal. For transaction of any property it should have the pattayam. Pattayam is a basic document of land. If the land is having potassium it is clear that the land is owned by a private individual. If there is no potassium it may be government land. You can file an application before the Land Tribunal Court for a certified copy of pattayam. You have to submit a photocopy of the title deed basic tax receipt with the application form.

Sale deed is the registered document. In app purchase of a property sale deed is a valuable legal document. The purchase of the property is legally complete only when it is executed by the seller and registered in the sub registrar office after both the parties are satisfied with the sale consideration as per rules in existence and the terms and conditions as said in the deed.

Pattayam is a land ownership document issued to individuals by the State Government. It is usually given to those who do not own their land or those who have been in possession of the land for many years.

Mainly two types of rules regarding pattayam . They are Kerala land reforms act 1963 and kerala land assignment rules 1964.According to kerala land reforms act pattayam issued for getting Jenma right- own kudikidappu property, and according to kerala land assignment pattayam issued for land less persons- government land).

According to the first rule, Jenma rights are in government hands . Kudikidappu people do not get full rights to their land. They can complain to the land Tribunal. They provide rights to the people. It is called a crey certificate. It has no restriction.

According to the second rule, pattayam is issued for landless people. Some people do not have any documents about the land. These are occupied lands. They will get pattayam. You should check the extent. It has 4 rules . They are Kerala land assignment rules1964,assignment of land within municipal and corporations areas rules 1995, kerala assignment of government land to the scheduled tribes rules 2001 and kerala land assignment special rules(regularization of occupation of forest lands prior to 1977).

There is a maximum extent in a family. For building a house, the panchayat total extension is 15 cents .In agricultural purposes the total extension is 50 cents in plain areas and 1 acre for hilly areas. Occupied land has been transferred to others. But newly pattayam land can transfer after 12 years. ST categories can’t transfer the land to another person.

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