Importance of Gypsum plastering  of walls


         Today I would like to inform you about how to plastering  the walls with gypsum.Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. Gypsum is used to plastering  the walls. It is fire resistant  and impact resistant.   It saves a lot of tie during  construction.  Gypsum plastering is used on the ceiling and interior walls. It has very smooth finishing .

          It is very light in weight  and it gives more strength.  Instead of applying cement,we can use Gypsum plastering.  It is the best material to plastering  the walls.Gypsum is a powder. We will mix this powder in water and make it as a paste. It is an interior  material. We get cost advantage  from this plastering. 

       They paste this material to the wall and use an aluminum  tube to level the surface.  We don’t need to apply putty. We can apply primer and paint the wall. Primer is used as a protection coat. It gives me a cold . Gypsum resists heat. It has 160 % thermal resistance. 

        It saves 40 % power cost because it reduces the temperature  of the room. To dry ,Gypsum  plastering  will take 12 days. After drying it, we can apply primer. We can wash this wall with water. It is a lifetime warranty  material. 

         Its cost is Rs 40 / square feet. It is a strengthened material.  We should use a damp  proof course method.  It is the anti termite in the floor. Waterproof the roof.




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