Importance of bed rest in back pain patients 

        Back pain  is a problem that most of us facing. We take a lot of treatment to get rid of back pain.Back pain is mainly  the cause of any injury,over activity, medical conditions. It can cause at any ages.Lower back pain is occur due to any damage of lumbar spine,discs,spinal cord,nerves,muscles, internal organs,etc.

        But pain in the upper back is due to any disorders of aorta,tumors in the chest.The damage can result from strain,poor posture,etc.Mainly the occupational activities, poor physical fitness, obesity, smoking ,long travelling can cause back pain.

       The main symptoms of back pain are severe pain inthe back,legs,weight loss,inflammation on the back,urinary incontinence.We can diagnosed the cause of back pain with x-ray,CT scan,EMG etc.

       Many of us with back pain are take bed rest. But let’s see what are the benefits of taking bed rest. But it is better to resume his normal activities after taking the bed rest only when he have excessive back pain. It is not always advisable for people with back pain to take a bed rest long time. If we take  bed rest for a whole day we will lose the strength of the muscles in our body.It will cause the muscles cramps.

          But bed rest is necessary for tumors , unstable fractures ,infections, etc. After that exercise is necessary to improve the muscle strength.

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