Imitation  jewelry business – how to start,how to make profits 

     Everyone wants to start a small business.  It is the activity of making money by producing or buying and  selling products. We can start a business in commercial, professional  or industrial  activities. It is the activities  of individuals to produce and sell goods and services for profit. We need an idea before starting a business. And extensive  market research  may be necessary to determine the idea into business  and it can give value to customers. 

       Make a business  plan.It is the formal document  of business  goals and objectives. It needs secure permits,registration  requirements, and licenses.we can start a business  with partnership, sole proprietorship,and corporations. Sole proprietorship is the business owned and operated  by single person.partnership busines is the the business  started between two or more people join to conduct business. Corporation  is a group of people work together  and the owners are shareholders who exchange considerations for common stock.

       We can start  small businesses. Always choose an idea that you are passionate about. Determine  a demand for the things in our society.  The covid 19 has changed how many people consume products and should think about those that can support the lives of people.

       Today we can see a business  starting with a minimum investment. It is an imitation  jewelry business.  Imitation  jewelry  is the range of decorative items worn for personal adornment manufactured  as less expensive ornamentation.These jewelleries  are made up of metals that are cheap and easily moulded. 

       Mainly white metals are used. It is also called fashion jewelry. It helps the people to experiment with different  styles.Imitation jewelry business  is the largest industry can create this business  and expand through online. It has high demand in the market. Imitation  jewelleries  are of two types. Function  used imitation  jewelries and minimized jewelleries. We can buy bulk and sell to retailers. Select varieties  of jewelry.

        First we should select a good wholesaler.we can buy these types of imitation  jewelry from Zadar market, Delhi.we can contact  and order the jewelry. Otherwise  we can order from the e Indian Wholesale website. We can sell these jewelry  through two platforms. We can profile the product through Instagram and sell the products. It needs low investment. We will get good profit from this business.  Always focus on demanding products.  

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