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IFFCO was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. It is a worldwide conglomerate that produces and sells a wide variety of mass-market food items as well as derivatives, intermediates, and services in the food industry.

More than 12,000 people are employed by IFFCO across 95 locations in 49 countries. Their goods are sold on five different continents. With over 80 different brands under its belt, it has become one of the largest and most diverse conglomerates in the Middle East.

Company Name IFFCO
Location UAE
Job RollSelective
job typeFull Time Job
Job Published English Date3.1.2024.
Expected salaryAttractive salary
Salary Unit Monthly

Service and Products – IFFCO

  • IFFCO Beauty has become a formidable player in the crowded beauty industry by focusing on the needs of its customers and adapting their business strategies accordingly. IFFCO Beauty is committed to providing its customers with only the highest-quality goods and services. Savannah, Royal Lather, IFFCO Ivy, Guardex, and Eva are just some of the popular brands that have captured the hearts of consumers in the MENA, CIS, Western Asia, and Eastern Europe.

The assortment of biscuits, nibbles, chocolates, confectionery, and ice creams in the IFFCO impulse foods portfolio is extensive. To ensure its position as consumers’ first option, the company seeks for premium materials, adheres to rigid quality controls, and develops novel solutions by keeping tabs on market trends and preferences. Tiffany is the go-to brand for shoppers in more than 70 countries, and  ice cream brands, London Dairy, Quanta, and Igloo, have propelled the company to the top of the GCC market.Products from London Dairy, Quanta, and Igloo.  Tiffany


All the way from “farm to fork, ” IFFCO Agri Business distributes everything from fresh chicken and eggs to animal feed, flour, components, frozen foods, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Al Baker and Swarna flour brands are part of a carefully curated portfolio that was created to accommodate niche market niches.

IFFCO applies its vast knowledge of flour and edible oils to the feeds industry. Products are made for a wide variety of farm animals, as well as zoo animals, at the company’s factories in the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Formulation, personalization, and specialized poultry and dairy products are offered to cater to individual client preferences. (Dubai more jobs APPLY NOW )

Baker, Al, Brands  IFFCO Animal Nutrition in Al Khazna Khaleej

  • Fats and Oils

IFFCO has been producing vegetable oils for more than 30 years. During that time, the business has made investments in technology, learned about consumer preferences, and honed its grasp of various markets. It now produces a wide variety of oils, oil blends, bakery fats, specialty fats, margarines and butter blends, and has become one of the world’s major makers of value-added vegetable oils and fats. Millions of people in the food and non-food retail and restaurant service markets rely on their brands on a daily basis.

To name a few: Noor Rahma Hayat Sunny

  • Packaging

The corrugated box plant provides comprehensive services, such as structural design and concept/design help. Liners, shipping cartons, die-cut boxes, tray and blanks, micro flutes, point-of-purchase displays and specialty fitments are just some of the products available.

Over 50 nations in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East, and Australia rely on IFFCO, a prominent provider of PET preforms and bottle closures sold under the EmPet and EmCap brand, to produce their carbonated beverages and mineral water bottles.

  • Sales and Distribution by IFFCO

Customer Service from IFFCO. IFFCO Sales and Distribution is committed to making effective use of its resources to service the market, with the ultimate goal of maintaining customer satisfaction through the provision of high-quality service, and the distribution of dry, temperature-controlled, and frozen items to a wide variety of retail, wholesale, and institutional outlets.

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