If you lose money through ATM,you will get Rs 100

          We use ATMs more than we withdraw money from banks.Because of covid 19,only a few people can now make transactions through banks. So all peoples depend  ATM counters.But sometimes we did not get money from ATM centers.

         If there is any problem in the ATM machine,we can’t get money. But now a happy news for them.

           According to a new circular released by Reserve bank of India ,you often receives a message from account that have deducted  money and you have not received money,you get the money within 5 working days.

         If you did not get money within 5 days,you get compensation  of Rs 100 /day. You can file a complaint at the respective branch of the bank.You will lose money due to technical crash.It is a good solution. The customer  give complaint within 30 days.

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