If we make mistakes in the transferring money through online  ,what we do?  

 All peoples are directly go to banks for transactions,to take loans etc. But now we also do transactions through online banking. You need to be very careful when making transactions through online.  If you sending money to a wrong bank account directly from the bank , you may have a chance to ask the details.

          The digital  payment is very easy .During this covid season ,no need to go to the banks. So most of the peoples are used online banking.But if you send money from one account to another  account, may be a chance to get mistake . Today I would like to share with you whether the cash goes to the wrong account number and it will be refunded.

          If we enter the wrong account  number, then we will get the cash back if that account number does not currently  exist. If an account number already exists as we typed it ,let us see if How will get that cash back.We will refund that amount legally.We can solve this problem with a systematic  way.

  • Firstly  contact the branch manager.
  • Send an e mail to the manager/ directly  meet the manager.
  • Give the reference  number and screen shot. They identify  the other person’s bank.
  • Contact the other person’s bank and register  a complaint. 
  • The bank contact  the person and they requesting to refund the cash.
  • If he denied,the bank helps us to take a legal action against him.
  • But we spent money,time etc

So carefully  enter the account  number and use online banking very carefully.

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