If we invest  Rs 1 lakh, we will get Rs 1000 per day , it is safe or not ?


       Most of the people lost their jobs because of increased  covid-19. It is now very difficult for an ordinary person to find something to live on. Today we can see  something useful for those who have it. If we invest  Rs 1 lakh,we will get Rs 1000 per day.It is safe or not ?

      An investment is an item acquired  with the goal of generating  income.It always concerns the time,money, effort,and asset.An investment helps you beat inflation  to fulfill your goals. You can invest in equities, stocks,mutual funds, fixed deposits,etc.

      You should choose an investment  depending on your goals,liquidity  needs. Investments  are three types: low risk investments, medium  risk investments  and high risk investments. 

      Low risk investments vary not linked to the stock market movements.  You may need to lock in your investments  for a long time to earn substantial  returns on these investments. Bonds,debentures, government  saving schemes, are under these investment categories. 

       Medium risk investments  have high returns  as compared  to fixed income. It has a certain  level of risk. Return is higher.Debt funds,index funds, mutual  funds are included  in this category. 

              High risk investments  have deeper securities,high risk. No limit to the gains. Stock, equity mutual  funds,derivatives  are included  in this category. It is very important  to know when to put your money in a volatile  environment.you should know when to stop and pull out money .

      Equity investments  are a share of ownership  in a company. Traded the investment in a market place  called stock market.  By investing  a fixed deposit, you can get returns at fixed intervals  of time.

      Mutual funds are managed by a fund manager, pools money and invest in stocks and create returns. 

       If we invest Rs 1 lakh ,we will get Rs 1000 per day for 250 days.It is safe or not .It is a common scheme. An investment  is a capital deposit. If we deposit Rs 1 lakh in a bank in fixed deposit, we will get Rs 6000 / year.All investments  are from registered companies .Banks are RBI regulated and insurance  companies  are IRDA monitored. Mutual  funds work under SEBI.We will get a huge profit from it . 

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