HYKON HALO UPS Inverter- inbuilt  battery,less space,Portable 


        An inverter is a power electronic device that changes DC to AC. In our house we get alternating current power supply, due to its properties it cannot be stored ,we store direct current power in a battery which comes with an inverter. Most people think that an inverter only works when there are power cuts. But an inverter is a device that is working continuously. There are no power cuts and the main power supply is available, an inverter uses this supply to charge its batteries. Then later it is used in case of power cuts. When the batteries are fully charged the inverter no longer gives supply to the batteries. And it runs your appliances on a bypass mode. When not in use, batteries discharge slowly. 

     In the time of power cuts an inverter switches itself from main mode to the backup mode. In this mode, the inverter uses the charges stored in the batteries to run appliances. During the time the inverter switches its mode ,the home appliances that are running stop for a few seconds. Then they restart on the backup mode. Inverters also provide power only to those appliances which have been connected to inverter supply.

    BAn inverter has a number of different circuits. It handles several situations while an Inverter is in a running mode. Inverter has an automation system. It responds to overcharge, overload,low battery ,overheat conditions. Inverters provide pure sine wave output for sensitive appliances. In this section switch the battery in a suitable mode. Sometimes it is changed to switch off mode. Otherwise LEDs and alarms are provided. It helps to identify the different conditions and situations. You can see the conditions with the help of LCD screens.

    It converts direct current power into alternating current power at deserved output voltage and frequency. Inverters can be classified into two types, they are voltage source inverter and current source inverter. Voltage source inverter is in which the direct current source of small impedance. Current source inverter is fed with adjustable current from direct current source of high impedance.

      Power inverters provide utility power and provide desired output voltage regulation. These inverters are environmentally friendly and it has less operating cost. It does not use fuel, lubricants. It generates very little heat and does not produce noise or pollution.

    Inverters convert electrical power into alternating power. It helps to backup during power outages and supply alternating current power to the home appliances. If you want to buy an inverter, you should make a list of appliances that are crucial during power outages. Try to include appliances like  television, coolers, fridges ,washing machines ,AC etc. Then calculate the power consumed by these appliances and make a total sum. It is the approximately energy demand of your house.

      Capacity of the inverter means maximum power limited demand. Inverters between 750 to 000W are best suited for homes. You should choose the best inverter for your requirements. Inverters are run by batteries. It determines the functionality of the inverter and the power supply to the home appliances. You should consider the cost of the inverter and size of it.

    You should place the inverter either vertically or horizontally on a flat surface of your home. It should not be placed in the engine compartments as the engine ,because it will get heated and emit harmful fumes. It should be placed in a cool and dry place. It should be keep away from water and moisture. Do not operate it with wet hands. It may cause shock. You should keep the inverter well ventilated while it’s in use. It should be clean from time to time.Inverter helps to provide backup. It saves your environment and it provides safety. 

       We can see a new trending inverter of Hykon company.it is named as HALO UPS.Hykon is a very famous brand. It has 30 year experience in our market.Hykon is a brand of kerala.it has 21 kg weight.  Hykon Halo UPS has a hard plastic black colour front panel and grey metal body. It is 1200V.it has 32 cm width and 22cm height. 

     It is an inbuilt battery product. It has a 100 AH Lithium ion phosphate battery. It has a power switch and display in the front panel. A 3 pin socket in the rear side. It has 220v output and you can connect 920w load to it. It has a 3 pin AC code. You can charge the inverter  through  it. 3 fuses are in orange color. It has 40 amperes. We can see a mode switch. You can enable UPS mode using it. It has a part connecting the cooling fan. It needs less space. 

      Normal inverter  has tubular batteries. It is large and it needs more space. It contains  acidic water and it may cause  damage to the floor. You should  check the water level Alternatively. If the acid water gravity level has any change,you should  charge the battery from outside.you should fill the acid water also. Otherwise  it may cause damage to the batteries. These batteries have 3 to 5 years of life.

       But the Halo UPS inverter has a Lithium ion phosphate battery. It has no maintenance. Do not need to check the water level. This battery has  7to 10 years life.you can charge it faster than Lead acid batteries.it is Portable battery. It provides protection  for under voltage ,over temperature and over voltage, over current. You can use it for 10 hours in 100w.you can add batteries with it. It has Rs 34,000. It has sales and services available  in kerala .Inverter has 2 year guarantee and batteries has 4 year guarantee. 

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