Solar hybrid air conditioning system is adapted for converting waste heat energy to useful heat energy. It includes heat absorbing units, exchange unit ,coolant,condenser ,expansion valve ,evaporator and control unit. In our country, the scope of generating solar energy. Innovators have proven that ordinary people are indeed capable of extraordinary inventions.

        The plurality of heat absorbing units adapted to absorb waste heat energy from the environment. It is adapted to exchange the absorbed heat energy to the compressor unit. The compressor utilizes absorbing heat energy for increasing temperature and pressure of the coolant. Condenser adapted to condense the high temperature and pressure coolant into a liquid. Expansion valve adapted to reduce the temperature. Evaporator is adapted to evaporator cold and from liquid to gaseous state.

      It helps to 100% energy saving in day time. In this type of air conditioner ,DC  solar air conditioners run on DC electricity. The solar panels are directly connected to it. It can run through the batteries ,charge through solar power, it can run entirely off grid. The Sun has been the source of energy. We use the  Sun as an energy source. It helps to  warmth, for fire, to grow food and other uses. The sun’s rays can convert into electricity. We can use it to power our homes and appliances. We can use this energy source in air conditioning  through solar air conditioners.

      Solar air conditioners help heating and cooling by using the sun as an energy source. It reduces energy bills and it has minimal environmental impact. It increases the value of property. It saves electricity bills to make up for the initial cost. It reduces Greenhouse gas emissions. There are few different options of solar powered air conditioners available.

       It is based on the mode of power that the air conditioner is getting. They are DC powered solar air conditioners ,AC powered solar air conditioners and hybrid powered solar air conditioners. A DC powered solar air conditioner runs on DC electricity and the solar panels are directly connected to it. It can run through the battery ,charged through solar power and run entirely off grid. This air conditioner uses solar panel, photovoltaic panels  to collect sunlight and turn it into electric energy.

        AC power solar air conditioners are run with solar power.  It needs an inverter ,converting DC from solar panels into AC. Solar power air conditioners use up  the energy stored in the battery after passing through the inverter. These types of air conditioners are tied up to the grid power. Inter do not require extra equipment.

       Hybrid power solar air conditioners can run both DC and AC seamlessly. It can be connected to both solar panels or batteries directly and to the grid. It does not need additional equipment such as an inverter. It can switch between solar power and grid power. It is very flexible to operate.

     It works with low watts. We can see a solar air  conditioner  . It is a  SINFIN air conditioner.  SINFIN is an Indian company. We can use it to work with solar or electricity. It needs low watts to work . You Can work this air conditioner  directly  to the solar. It needs a 230 volt DC battery  bank. We can turn on the  AC with this battery  at night.  

     We can work it with a normal inverter. We will get 6 hours back up. We can connect ac and DC in a box .We can check ampere, voltage in a meter. We can connect AC .And check ampere, voltage,  watts. Maximum  watts is 800. Ac works at 300 watts. We can use turbo mode. It is 1.5 ton AC.There are 4 models of air conditioners. Ayurveda series ac is available.  It has an extra filter. 

      Hot and cold models are available.  We can use it in cold areas. It helps to get heat in the room. We will get 1.5 and 2 tons. It started from Rs 48,000. It has 10 years Warranty. 5 years complete Warranty and 5 years compressor  warranty. It is available  in all districts.  It is an 8 star product. 






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