How to work solar air conditioner

Air conditioning is a process of removing heat from enclosed space to achieve a more comfortable interior environment. It strictly controls the humidity of internal air.It can be achieved using mechanical air conditioners. It allows the building’s indoor environment to remain constant. Small air conditioners are better equipped. Different types of air conditioners are available in the market. Central air conditioners circulate cool air through a system of supply. It circulates and filters air, removing pollutants from minimizes the irritants that trigger an attack.These filters keep out insects.

It is more effective than a screen. It reduces humidity in your home and lowers the amount of mold mildew and airborne allergens. It protects furnitures ,prevent the electronic devices from overheating. Preserve your wardrobe and your budget. Air conditioning keeps our Windows and doors closed. It is added security as it is much harder for someone to break in your home with your doors and windows closed. We can sleep better. Doors and Windows are closed off to air conditioned rooms.less noise enters the room keeping these places cool and quiet.Air conditioners require lots of energy to function properly.

Solar air conditioners remain calm in the summer while lowering your energy cost. It has significant advancements. So most of the people selected solar air conditioners. Majority of individuals have cooling systems in their homes. Placing a solar air conditioner will provide several benefits. Solar air conditioners run on solar energy. It is similar to standard air conditioners. Solar air conditioners have three power options: solar power ,solar battery bank and network electricity.

In solar air conditioners it may be directly linked to a solar panel and withdraw electricity from it . Solar panels absorb light and transform it to DC power. It is used to run the air conditioner. The cost of a solar air conditioner is determined by a variety of parameters. It depends on the volume, quality and Company.

Hybrid 1 ton solar AC has an adequate floor area of around 80 to120 square feet. It doesn’t need electricity . It has a 25 years warranty over the panel. It has a 5 year complete warranty. Hybrid 1.5 ton solar AC is an excellent choice for individuals medium or large rooms in size from 120 to 190 square feet. It does not need electricity. It has a 25 years warranty over the panel. It has a complete warranty of 5 years.

Most people choose air conditioners. They run those air conditioners which may be expensive. You can convert the old air conditioners to solar air conditioners. Normally air conditioners run on alternating current. You should power your present Air Conditioner units on a solar source. Solar inverter converts direct current into alternating current; it helps to operate your system on solar energy.

You will get a subsidy on solar from our government. It provides greener energy. It enhances your savings. On bright days,Solar air conditioners work throughout the day using solar energy aided by the grid system .It is fed directly into the DC inverter air pump. On cloudy days solar energy is fed directly into the DC air pump. At night solar AC is fueled by the electricity grid; it does not create energy at night.

Solar air conditioners save a large amount of money. It decreases carbon footprint. It reduces your Power bill. Solar air conditioners are eco friendly ,wifi enabled ,anti fungus facility, 4 way swing,it has 100% copper oil and Turbo cooling. It is an excellent solution for hot and humid climates. It reduces electricity bills, it can function without power ,it save 100 percentage power cost,
It is controlled by app based.It works on solar energy and electrical grid.

We can work solar air conditioners day and night.We can also work with an induction stove also.We need an inverter 2000VA.We can load 1000 w load into it. We can connect two batteries to it. We can connect 450 two solar panels to it. We can work 6 hours day and 8 hours night AC through it.connect DC to the inverter.we can use a 1200 w induction cooker.

We can use 500 w AC without electricity. Lagnuvo,ulpapo brand AC works with it. It is a small Ac. It is enough. We can set 24°.you can select 100 or 200 A batteries. ½ ton mitsubishi ac can work .We can connect 2 panels to it.An inverter has Rs 12,000 – 14, panel has Rs 30,000.100 ampere 2 batteries has Rs 20, can change normal ac to solar ac also.You can use it in shops.They provide a training program. You can study this technology.

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