How to whitening teeth at home 

Laughing is the best thing. Smiling is the good symbol of best personality. If you approach the others with a good smile when you see them for the first time, it will give them a positive energy and positive approach to you. They will have a good opinion of us. Many people are not able to laugh with confidence with an open mind.

              The main reason for not being able to laugh like that is yellow teeth. Everyone has to face the problems of yellow teeth at some point in life.If you have  similar problem, today I am sharing with you a remedy to whiten your teeth quickly. You can do this at your home.

         There are many causes for yellow teeth. The main causes  smoking and tobacco chewing. The nicotine in them destroys the enamel of our teeth and causes  it to turn yellow instead of white. Some foods are also caused this yellow teeth. If you continuously  takes Chocolate, Soya sauce,Coffee as lifestyle, it may cause yellow teeth. As we age, the enamel of our  teeth is less likely to turn yellow.

        Let’s see what is the home remedy for replacing yellow coloured teeth with white ones.


       Baking soda   – ½ 

       Lemon juice   – ½ 


  • First rinse your mouth with mouthwash. 
  • If there is any food residue in the mouth, it will go away  when rinse.
  • Take a ½  teaspoon of baking soda .
  • Mix the juice of ½  a lemon in to it.
  • After mixing it well, you can apply it to the teeth with a brush or cotton bud.
  • But it should not be touching in the gums.
  •  Keep it for 5 minutes.
  • And then wash it off thoroughly. 
  • You can only do this once or twice a week.
  •  Doing it too often can cause side effects.
  • Follow  this remedy for one month you will get a good result .
  • Please try this home remedy and share this to others.

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