How to use smartphone  as a remote 


     Remote control can be used to operate a device such as a television set , DVD player and other home appliances. It can allow operation of devices that are out of convenient reach for direct operation of controls. Now we use wireless remote controls. It eliminates the need for the operator to be in direct contact with the running machine. The operator can position themselves in a safer manner away from moving parts, harmful dust, noise and vibration that may occur. 

         It helps people with disabilities to operate devices at a distance. It is based on infrared waves as a medium of communication. The wavelength of infrared waves range from 700 nm to 1 mm. IR remote uses  light to carry signals from the remote to the device it controls. It produces pulses of invisible infrared light that correspond to binary codes. It gives freedom and flexibility. we can use it with our freedom. It saves time.

      we can see a mobile TV remote. We can use our Android phone as a TV remote. First open the Google TV application near the bottom right, tap remote and to complete pairing, follow the instructions on phone and TV .you can use your phone as your remote. You can connect the application to your TV via local network or Bluetooth . And it can be used to control your Android device just by being on the same Wi-Fi network.  It supports voice control and allows you to input text through your phone.

     You can use it to turn an Android phone into a universal remote control. Enter the IP address of your Smart TV and connect your TV to the Wi-Fi, choose the brand of TV ,check the Wi-Fi signal on your Android.

       Your smartphone can be used as a TV remote. Many applications for this are available in the Play Store. Your phone can be used remotely using an inbuilt IR blaster. Most smartphones use this feature. It can be used as a remote by installing an application with an IR blaster. Firstly you should download the universal remote application from Play Store.

How to use smartphone as TV remote 

  • Open Android phone.
  • Choose remote  option from top right part 
  • Select scanning.
  • Pair with devices. 
  • Your smartphone can be used as a TV remote.

         When you Open an IR remote application you will see different options like  TV, set top box ,AC ,etc. If you are using the remote selected TV option. You can see a list of TV names from different brands. Choose the brand and press the power button. Once the TV is on you can set the device name and enter it. Once the remote is added everything is possible to increase or decrease the volume and change the channel.You can turn off the TV after use.

        If you want to select the set top box click on the +  button. Select the setup box company and click and hold the power button in the same manner. Then click a button and you can change the channel remote. You can turn on or off your remote system. If you have any problems while pairing, it is very important to keep in mind that is closer to the day we will be helpful for you to pair the device. You can use your smartphone as a remote for home TV, setup box and AC.

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