How to use Google pay account 

    Today I would like to inform you about how to use Google pay.Google pay is an online payment system .we can purchase through it. It is very useful .  We are all heard about  it. But many people don’t know how to send money throumgh Google pay.We can transfer money easily.

          Download google pay app.Open Google pay app.Swipe the button.Enter the mobile number. We can create new ID. We can add the bank account. Select the new payment.  Select the bank transfer.enter the account number.Select the the pay button. Enter UPI pin number.

    So many banks support the google pay. It is one of the cheapest service. It has no fees to use debit cards. We can transfer the maximum amount Rs 10,000. We can transfer money to other google pay users.we can receive money through it.

     We can send money 10 times in one day. We can transfer Rs 1 lakh in a day.we can do mobile recharging,bill payment  with this application. 

 Do not link your mail ID to the payment accounts.

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