How to update mobile number to the  parivahan and sarathy websites 


        Today I would like to inform you about new changes to MVD services. We can do all vehicle services online.we should register our mobile number in the sarathy site. Registration  and license methods are changed.we can do Registration  process through vahan website and Driving licence process through sarathy website. Update your mobile number.

      We can know all about our vehicle through this system.we can know all services,speed violations fine at correct time. Lets see how to update mobile numbers.

     Motor vehicle department is regulated by the government  of kerala. We can check our vehicle details .If we have a fine we can check our balance by filling a form .

          We come across some situations in our life ,compelled to change our mobile number. We can change our mobile number on parivahan or sarathy websites. As per the new motor vehicle act,it has also been made  mandatory  for all the vehicle owners by the Indian government to update mobile numbers in vehicle registration  numbers.

         Let’s see how to register a mobile number. All motor vehicle related services  can now only be done online.  We can do vehicle registration, re registration, permit,tax through the vahan website. We can do all the driving license  related services  through Sarathi. 

        We will get messages about the faults in the overspend cameras and everything related  to our vehicle. Type vahan citizen services and select it. Select three dots. Select update mobile number. Enter vehicle registration  number,engine number. Enter mobile number. Save the details.   

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