How to type Malayalam voice typing in mobile 

         Usually typing in Malayalam using your mobile, Facebook and WhatsApp in a difficult task . But with such difficulties to cease we need talking about it in our mobile phone . Now such a system has come . This can be done on your mobile too. Let us see in this video how to do it .

     There is the keyboard app in Google called Gboard or there is an app to type Malayalam in Google called Google indy keyboard . Just use one of these two applications. Both are available for free on Play Store. The G board has more feature than just a keyboard.

 Let us see how to type in malayalam using the Gboard app .

  • Search Play Store G board
  • Install the board.
  • Open it.
  • In the screen that appears, click ‘enable in settings’.
  • You can see Google voice type is activated. It must be activated.
  • The G board also needs to be activated.
  • Click the ‘ok’ button.
  • Click on the button ‘select input method’.
  • Select’ English keyboard ‘with option for change keyboard.
  • Click the ‘set permission’ button.
  • Allow  the messages .
  • Click the’ done’ button.
  • Select the languages .
  • Off the button’ use the system language’.
  • Select English, Malayalam (abc)language button .
  • Using this keyboard ,we can type Malayalam and English alternatively .
  • Click the back button .
  • Select the voice typing option.
  • Change the language from English to Malayalam.
  • Off the tick  in English.
  • Click the save option .
  • Click the back button.
  • You can type in WhatsApp and Facebook by speaking in Malayalam.
  • Open WhatsApp or Facebook and then long press in the place  where it is written in English.
  • Then select a Google Voice Type.
  • Then you will see that everything spoken in Malayalam is typed in Malayalam.

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