How to turn a  fridge into an  air conditioner 


            This is a situation that is getting  hotter.As temperature start to rise with the onset of hot summer, people turn to cooling  appliances  to keep themselves  and their homes  cool.In this situation we need AC. But buying an AC  is a very difficult task for the average person.Because it is very expensive. But the refrigerator in our homes can be used as an air conditioner.

     We can use a second hand  small fridge to it.  It is a 100 watts fridge. Remove the trays from it. Ithas a large compressor.  We can buy an air cooler.It has 30 watts.Its price is below Rs 2000. And connect  with this fridge. We need thermocol, foams.  We will get 25 degrees cold.

      Air cooling is a method of dissipating heat.It increases the flow of air over the object to be cooled. Air coolers are Portable and easy to move around. We can use this air cooler to make an air conditioner. 

        Air cooler has 3 main parts.a water tank,an absorbent sheet,and a fan. You fill the tank with cold water and absorb the sheet soak it up.water evaporates from the sheet and cools the air around it. We will get cool air.

       Open the fridge and place the air cooler inside the refrigerator. Then close the balance  space of the refrigerator  with thermocol. Make two  holes below the thermocol.  Connect the current to it. We will get cool air. 

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