How to treat nasal polyps  naturally 


       Today I would  like to inform you about a natural remedy for nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are the painless benign growth of the lining of the nose .These are soft, painless,non cancerous growth.It hangs down like teardrops. It results from asthma,infection, allergies,etc.

       Large growth  of polyps can block your nasal passages.It may cause breathing  difficulties, loss of smell,etc.It is more common in adults. Irritation and swelling of nasal passages that lasts more than 12 weeks.

       We can reduce nasal polyps. Manage allergies and asthma.Avoid nasal irritants.wash your hands thoroughly to protect  against viral and bacterial infections. Using a humidifier to moisten breathing  passages.use salt water spray to rinse your nasal passage.

       If polyps go untreated,the constant  pressure can lead to widening of the nose . Runny nose,sneezing,and headache  are the symptoms.  Nasal polyps are not harmful. Meditations won’t get rid of nasal polyps completely. 10 percent  of nasal polyps  are cancerous. 

         It increases drainage and congestion.  The cause of development  of polyps is the mucous membrane lining the nose or sinus change.A large polyps leads to chronic sinus infections  and causes obstructive sleep disturbance.

        Today we can see natural  remedies for nasal polyps.we can cure completely within 21 days. It is an Ayurveda remedy. We can use mukkutti for it. Mukkutti is a medicinal plant. It is used traditionally for joint paints,inflammations,malaria,stomach ache, diabetes tumor,burns,arthritis,asthma,etc.

           It is used for the treatment of many internal  diseases. Then we can use poovamkurunnila. It is a very useful tip. It has no side effects.Take mukkutti and poovam kurunnila.crush and take juice from it. Do not add water.we will get pure juice from it. We can use it 2 times a day. Fill this juice into a bottle and pour each drop into both nostrils.use it for continuously  21 days.

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