How to transfer a person  from ration  card online 


      Ration card is an important  document issued by the civil department .  It helps all the citizens in our state access food and grains at subsidy rates. We can use ration cards as proof of identification. All citizens  of India are eligible  to apply for ration  cards. There are different  types of ration  cards. We can use it as an official  document. The families  having annual  income Rs 1 lakhs,4 wheeler,more than 4 heater land are eligible  to get white ration  cards. One nation,one  ration  card ensures food security  for all international migrants in India.we can apply for ration card online and offline through Akshaya centers. 

       You  can check the application  status .The minimum  days required  for processing is 15 days. We can see how to transfer a person to another. We can use this facility  to change the house .We can use a transfer application for different  taluks. It doesn’t need any type of documents.  It needs a consent form from the head of the ration card. 


  • Visit the official  website of Civil supplies  department 
  • We can make an account  with adhar card. 
  • Sign in with an account. 
  • You can see the services. 
  • Click the service option.
  • Click the transfer option from services for family. 
  • We can see the details.
  • We can select the reason and destination. 
  • We can change one person or more than one person.
  • Select the members
  • Click the save button. 
  • Upload the consent form and attach.
  • We can view the consent button.
  • Submit the application. 
  • Enter card details like address, place and update  card details.  
  • We will get a print .
  • Re-upload it again. 
  • Select view from home.
  • Click the submit button. 
  • We can take print .
  • We can see a form, sign the form and re-upload it. 
  • Select the signed application  and attach it. 
  • We can pay 50  through the treasury.
  • You will get a request.  Accept it and click the continue button. 
  • You can see the payment  success button. 

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