How to to earn money through translation job – Rs 300 within 3 minutes



Part time jobs provide benefits to us. Part time workers are increasing and full time workers are decreasing. Beyond obvious income ,there are a host of advantages and disadvantages to consider when determining if the part time employment works for you. Part time job is ideal for family oriented individuals who value the opportunity to pick up their children.


Part time workers enjoy their free time .Part time jobs appeal to those nurturing writing,artistic endeavors,etc. Working part time sometimes enable an individual to make more money,if they are capable of balancing more than one job.part time workers have more time to do extra jobs.They can save more money.A certain income level is necessary to provide for one’s family, those who earn just enough to pay for living expenses, sacrificing goods,may find short term work .


It provides valuable experience. You may have a chance to network with interesting topics.There are many reasons you may want to work part time .Part time work is rewarding. It can offer the opportunity to earn extra income. You may learn new skills.sometimes it can be challenging. It can give you extra time for responsibilities, interests, need good time management skills.The amount you earn will vary depending on the hours you work.


Being a student you can start a part time job.when you start making money,you tend to become more cautious about how you spend your helps to make you financially aware from young will get good budgeting, money management provides to gain key skills from work experience. You can learn how to work as part of a team,how to use initiative, and develop attention to tail. It helps to become more confident.

It provides an opportunity to learn how to interact with different personalities. It helps you gain independence. You will be responsible for scheduling, money and duties. You will be less reliant,you will learn how to fend for helps to improve your time management skills.It gives you the chances to network with helps to make connections in the professional world. It helps to gain work experience.


Most of the people search for part time jobs when they are not able to earn a good income from their main job. When searching for a part time job ,you should be aware of it.we can see a genuine translation job.This work can be done using a website. It is called a one hour translation. In the beginning, it was difficult to get a job. But if you get a job,you are getting it again. In this job, you should translate English to different languages like Malayalam, handicraft and tamil.


You can translate it through Google.Amazon, UBER provides this kind of work to companies and they hire people who are interested in online can work with a smart can select a translation paralink website for translation. You will get promt online translation through is free.


How to translate


Click the link of the website

Choose translate option

Fill in all your information.

enter save

Enter your primary native language

Enter your name,email mail.

Select second native language

Enter transcription skills

You can create a resume on Google using cv maker.

Upload the resume

Paste a photo.

Submit it.

If you are eligible, you will get a link.

You will get money according to the words.

You can earn a good amount of money. Single work will get Rs 2000to 3000.

Copy and paste it. Then translate it.


You can translate all languages. It is a free website. You can earn 5 dollars within a can create a link in your profile. Create a Facebook group. You can do this on any freelancing website or fiver.we can see a new website quicken gigs. You should create an account on this website. You will get work from here.Firstly create an account. Select register button.Enter username and password. Enter the company name and register it. You will get a registration ID. confirm it.


You can check payments. A Pioneer account is necessary to link with it. Create it and connect it.


How to do translation jobs


Select new jobs.

Enter title

Enter amount

Select category writing and translation.

Enter description.

We can create 3 packages.

Enter tag as keyword.

Enter buyer information.

Enter maximum days to deliver.

Create a cover page and image.

Publish it.

You can edit and add extras.

Complete the profile also.





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