How to take vehicle insurance through online

         Today I would like to share with you  how to get vehicle insurance online.Usually we go directly to insurance agencies and taken the insurance. . Now we can take vehicle  insurance online. 

       It will take us about  5 minutes to get this insurance. Then we get 40% benefit.Lets see how vehicle insurance is taken online.First we have to download the policy bazar application. Select the two wheeler insurance.Enter the vehicle number. We have to see the details of our vehicle.

         We can see the available  insurances.Select the insurance as your favour.We can take the insurance without commission. Enter our details and nominee details. Enter the details from the RC book  of our vehicle.

       Click the verify premium button.Set the year and we have to pay from any type of cards.We can download  this insurance card.We can take print and keep. We can open this insurance card as PDF file.It is very useful for us. Please take insurance  through online.

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