How to take self meter reading


      Today I would like to inform you about a new change to the current bill.Current bill is the amount of money ,including all state and federal taxes rendered in the most recent billing period.we have all gone to the electricity  office and paid the electricity  bill.but now that has changed. 

       Most of the people pay electricity  bills online. People came from KSEB,and took readings and we paid the bill online or offline.  But now a new change is coming. From today onwards, we will have to take the readings on our electricity metre ourselves and send them to the kseb office. And you should have to pay the bill online.

       Due to increased covid 19, these changes are coming. KSEB gives an opportunity  to self meter reading.So we should know how to read the meter. We will get an Sms and link. We should send  the photo of meter and meter  reading to the link.

         We can take self meter reading. Those in the containment zone are required to take the meter reading in this manner. They will get an SMS and link from KSEB.  Next day they will get a bill. They can pay the bill online. 

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