Leakage is a major problem in most homes. In most houses,sinks are the main source of water leakage. Showers are also the main cause of water leakage. Some houses leak because of design issues and problems  around installing materials. Water gets behind cladding types,if there is no drainage and ventilation between cladding  and frame work ,water trapped and fungal growth rapidly increases in our houses. It can cause structural  problems  for the houses and health problems for those who live there. Spreading the gaps between window frame and wall may cause leaking. Toilet leakage is a common  problem. It can come from water supply ,and occur at wax ring.pipes running  behind walls begin to leak, moistening the drywall.

    Water leak is a substantial damage to your home. You should  check the underlying  cause and handle it quickly. Otherwise leaks often come from inside .You should fix the ceiling leak. You should confirm the source of water coming  from the damaged roof .If the water is leaking in the bathroom,you should test faucets ,toilets etc. 

    If your ceiling  is leaking, you can find the severity of the leaks discoloration. The water is dirty,it is coming  from outside. Leaking water runs clear ,the leak source coming from inside your home. You should inspect your windows.window leaks are always due to poor installation. If the water is seen inside between the panes of glass,it is the sign of a bad glass seal. If the stain on the top part of the window frame,the water travels down the walls.

      Deteriorated tanks lead to slow leak. Sewer blockages occur after a big storm. You should do annual maintenance. Inspect  the center connection of the check valve .If the refrigerator has an automatic water dispenser there is a chance for leak. Detects the leaks in sink and showers. Inspect each pile thoroughly. 

     You can check leakage by water meter. Make sure all water turns off inside and outside the home. Record the reading of the water meter for 15 minutes. Read the meter reading  again.verify water usage is not due to small appliances.

It only verifies large leaks.proper roof inspection  is frequently necessary. 

      Leaking damages the ceiling. It affects ceiling plaster and paint.This water can damage all electrical instruments. It may cause a short cut too.It can cause permanent damage in structural integrity  of house.

       Today we can see how to clear the leakage of a house within 30 minutes. It has Rs  1500.we can easily clear the leakage.we will get 100 % result .we can use KMGC  for it. We can reduce the temperature  also. First clean the terrace.wash the terrace with car wash. Remove the excess Cement.And clean well.

     We can use KMGC magnofix to clear the leakage. Take 1 liter magnafix and 3 to 5 cup Cement. Add 1 liter watering Cement  and mix well.Add  magnofix and 1 liter water. Mix well and apply using a  strong brush.fix  45 gcm fiber mesh and apply magnofix mixing above it. 

       Then apply primer . Take 1 liter polybond ,add 3 liter water and mix well.add 3 cup Cement to it, mix well. Then apply to the terrace. Then place 45 gcm fibermesh and apply a second coat of this mixture above it.wait for one day. 

      Then apply the German Xtra shield  using a brush or roller.  After one day apply the second coat, after one day apply the third coat. It helps to clear leakage and reduce the temperature in the house. 

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