How  to stitch a Nighty very  easily 


     Nighty is a loosely hanging item of night wear.It is made from cotton,silk,nylon. It is decorated with embroideries. We can choose either short or long nighties .Nighties are long ,maxi dresses are tailored to be loose fitting and comfortable  while sleeping. Ladies prefer to be in the night . It comes in all sizes and shapes and in all designs. 

          It helped the ladies to keep themselves warm at night.Once you have stitched you will want to make one for every night of the week.decide how much length you need for the night.

         We can stitch nighty easily. It is a very useful  method.we can cut a nighty without  knowing the stitch. We can buy a piece of nighty material  and stitch .

        Take a new nighty piece and a nighty of your size.Then fold the nighty in 4 piece. Then hold the edges of the nighty together.spread it out on the table. Then fold the old nighty in half.

        The old nighty should be placed on the bottom of the cloth. Without removing the works on the  bottom of the nighty we can stitch it. It gives beauty to the nighty.  Place  the two arm holes at nighty evenly.

         Leave an inch on the bottom of the cloth. Mark above ½ inch from the shoulder level. Mark the shoulder gap and arm holes,chest.then Mark 2 inch from old nighty. Then Mark necks.Then remove the old nighty and cut it.  Then cut sleeves  from cloth.  Take a cross piece and front neck cloth from it.  Then stitch it. 

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