How to stay awake while driving 

                  Driving is a complex activity that involves small most important slit decision with every passing second. Lack of sleep seriously affected reaction time,  judgement, ability to concentrate. 

               we think that it we can keep our minds alert, even when we are feeling  the tug of sleepiness on our brain and bodies. But sleep is powerful, one that can overtake even the best driver. What to look for and  how to handle drowsiness to protect to safety of everyone on the road. 

                     Frequent blinking,  daydreaming, trouble remembering the last few miles,  yawning repeatedly, difficult to keeping your head up,  feeling restless are some signs of time to pullover. Before a person falls asleep while driving, lapses in attention make a drowsy driving very dangerous. Excessive sleepiness decreases our judgement. 

How to stay awake 

  • get 7 – 8 hours of sleep, before you drive.
  • Taking short nap before a road trip. 
  • If you drowsy while driving,  pullover to take a short nap of 20 minutes.
  • To drive with a partner on  long trips. 
  • Don’t rush.
  • Do not drink alcohol. 
  • Don’t drive between midnight and 6:00 a.m. 
  • Drink caffeine,  it improves alertness.
  •  If you travelling with others,  you should rotate time behind the wheel. This will give you time to relax.
  • If you yawning constantly, either hand the wheel to someone else or pull over for a nap.
  • If you yawn  uncontrollably or you realise that you have drifted into another lane pullover as soon as  you can, find quiet area, take the key out of ignition, sleep for 15 to 20 minutes.

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