How to start uzhunnu vada making business at Rs 500


     Mainly small businesses  are started by owned corporations, partnership with fewer employees and less annual revenue. Small businesses can implement the same quality management  system ,but face different  challenges. Starting a business needs good planning, key financial  decisions, Firstly research about the opportunities to turn your idea into a successful  business. Business  plan is very important. Fund your business. There are many ways to find capital you need. You should choose a business  structure. Choose a perfect name for your business. You Should register your business. Apply for a license .

    We can see how to start a business  at Rs 500.we can start this business  at  low cost.It needs a small machine. We can buy this machine from Rs 500 to Rs 3 lakhs.we can start this business  at Rs 500 and market  it .you can earn good profit  from this business. 

       It is uzhunnu vada making business. Uzhunnu vada is a South Indian fritter made from Viana Mungo.It is doughnut shape.It is a popular food item in South India. We can eat it as breakfast  and snack.It is a crispy snack.It is aromatic, easy to make .

       There are different  types of machines.  These machines  are available  in the market.  They are automatic,  semi automatic, fry in gas and fry in electric. These machines work easily. Fully automatic  vada making machine has  Rs 3 lakhs .It has 50 liter capacity. Fully automatic  vada machine has Rs 1.5 lakhs. It has 50 kg to 100 kg / hour.Another machine  has Rs 97000. It has 800 vada capacity  / hour.stainless steel vada making machine  has Rs 90,000.It has 800 vada / hour. These all are single phase machines.

        We can see hand made vada making  machines. It has Rs 169 to Rs 350. You can buy these types of machines and earn good profits from this business. Always make products. This business  needs a health card, sanitizing  certificate, license.we can start this business  from our home. 

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