How to start paper cup manufacturing, marketing strategy

Most of the people want to start new businesses. Starting a business is the biggest challenge. If you select a popular widely available product ,you can be sure that demand for that product is high. But high market products have a competitive market and larger established players. Unique businesses have less competition. But competition of the product assures that there is an audience for your product. Unique business ideas have vast opportunities. Unique business ideas focus on environmental concerns or long unfulfilled needs. You can start a unique successful and profitable business. Business ideas are common in the marketplace, but unique business ideas need courage and patience.

Select a business idea that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Before starting a business determine if there is a demand for the product. Find a unique business idea for your small business. Top unique business ideas into 7 categories including speciality foods, sports ,entertainment and pet business etc.

Starting your own business can be personally and financially rewarding. You can select business ideas into categories to make it easier to find the concept that matches your interest and skills. Some businesses need one person and other require a significant amount of money and higher employees to make them successful. You can also start businesses with little or no money. The basic human needs of food, cloth and shelter as the building blocks of successful small town businesses. You can start small grocery stores ,clothing boutiques, local building contractors, Bagel shops ,car wash, coffee shops ,clothing stores etc.

You can start home based small businesses also. Many types of business can be started profitably from home. Handmade products, handcrafted products, jewellery, gift cards, soaps, candles,t-shirts,clothing,sculptures and business ideas are more and more appreciated and valued.

Tutoring is another example of very easy to start a business. There are many other types of Home businesses that may be more profitable to consider. There are a lot of interesting ways to make money online. If you don’t want to deal with keeping inventory you can create e products and e Training courses. You can use drop shippers, print on demand companies to help you to sell products online without buying and store inventory.

We can easily start a paper cup manufacturing business. Paper cups are disposable cups made out of paper. It is lined with the plastic to prevent the liquid from soaking the paper. Paper cups are commonly using Food grade paper. It is hygienic and capable of storing hot or cold liquid for long times. Now the demand for paper cups has increased. Paper cups become more eco friendly and reduce exposure to infections. It is in demand in IT companies ,educational institutions ,industrial canteens, food canteens, restaurants,coffee shops, fast food restaurants, Supermarkets, health clubs etc.

With well established demand the price of paper cups in the market can be easily ascertained and sold in bulk to traders through different channels. There are many three stages to manufacturing paper cups. In the first stage the paper cup’s side wall paper is shaped. In the second stage the paper cup bottom paper is shaped and joined with the sidewall. In the 3rd stage the paper cup is preheated and bottom curling is done to complete it. To start a paper manufacturing unit minimum Rs 10 lakh investment is required for purchasing equipments and raw materials. You can manufacture over 2.2 crore paper cups with estimated sales over 66 lakhs per year.


Trade licence
GST registration
Factory licence
ESI registration
Health licence

Different banks provide loans for manufacturing paper cups under various schemes. Term loan 10 lakh and working capital Rs 15 lakh would be required for setting up the business. You can earn investment from Mudra loan scheme. It is required on an area of 500 square metre with electricity connection. You can purchase automatic machinery for paper cup manufacturing from various vendors. The cost of an automatic paper cutter manufacturer machine is 8,50,000. The dyes would be required with the cost RS 150000. Only 3 persons are required for it.

Raw materials

Printed PE paper
Bottom reel

Paper cup manufacturing business is the most profitable business. You can easily start this business with the minimum investment. You can produce the paper cup from recycled paper. It is a lucrative business opportunity for small scale entrepreneurs. You should know about the profit of the paper cup manufacturing business. You should check the legality of the paper cup manufacturing business. You should buy the manufacturing machines. You should know the raw materials. You should know about how to market should study about the market potentials.Paper cups has high demand in our market.Most of the people prefer paper cups.

We can load punch paper to the automatic machine .Machine, make paper cups and paste it and paste the bottom automatically.50 to 250 ml paper cups has high demand in the market. You can make Rs 5,50,000 pieces of 90 ml paper cups from 1 ton raw materials.


Semi automatic and automatic machines are available in the market. Automatic machine has Rs 4.5 lakhs.semi automatic machines are available at Rs 1,25, can use plain or printed papers. you can purchase raw materials from India should use quality can sell bulk quantities. Plan a large marketing strategy.

You can start another business from this business. You can print advertisements of companies in the paper cups. You can earn a good profit from this business. You can pack 100 paper cups in one pack. Average quality pack has Rs can make above 3000 paper cups / can earn 25 paisa per cup. You can earn Rs 6000/ day.

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