How to start painting business with less investment 


   Painting is a very beautiful  job. Because it can change the look of the exterior and interior wall of a house giving it an amazing makeover.painting is a very difficult job.But if you are a professional painter you can do the painting accurately. You should know much about painting  products . You should use high quality  materials to give the best painting can handle any type of painting  job efficiently. You can manage the time effectively to comp the should have professional tools and equipment to meet the expectations of customers. 

      Painting  increases self esteem and it inspires  people to reach new levels of skill. People who are committed to learning can  do well at it. We can change an old house to a beautiful  house. We can see a person  who has 20 years experience  in paint production  and quality  control  knowledge.  

    They give training on how to make paint and start a paint business.  It is in Thiruvottiyur, Chennai.we can make paint from home. We can earn good profits  from this business. Painting  business  is a highly competitive field. We can start this business  in a shop. It is  safe.

     We can start this business  with low investment. He helps you to start this business. He gives training  about  this business.  You can start this business  with confidence. 

    We can see a machine to mix paint. It is called stedor. It has hydraulic capacity.It is a fully automatic  machine.Its cost is Rs 2 lakhs. We can prepare 200 liter paint within 2 hours. We can see another simple machine. We Can Prepare paint using this machine. It costs Rs 25,000.we can use this machine  in our home. It has low sound. 

     We will get raw materials from here. We invest Rs 1 lakhs for this business.  We can come here and start a business.  Otherwise you can invest Rs 2.5 lakhs and start a business. We can prepare  high quality  low cost paint. 

      We can prepare it to paint our house also.We can see how to prepare a 10 liter exterior  primer. It needs a hand stenter machine .it has Rs 5000.we need 50% water, Incan preservative,disposal agent,deformed,pigment,extender,TIO2,analyzer, China clay powder, calcite, calcined clay,binder, drifblim preservative, etc. 

      We need a weighing machine,  bucket.pour 3.600 water,add an intermediate  raw mix 1.500,mix it with machine 5 minutes. Then add white pigment 90 gram.Again mix well for 10 minutes.we can add binder to give plastic coating to the paint. Again mix well. Add thickening agent .mix well.pack well and you can sell it to the markets. It is an exterior primer. You can start this business  .

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