How to start government haritha stall franchise business (HORTICOP) at Rs 15,000

Franchisee is a right specifically conferred on a group by the government. The privilege conferred by a municipality on a corporation of operation of public utilities. Franchisees may not be revoked without consent of guarantee unless stipulated in contract.Franchise provisions include tenure, compensation to grantor,services,rates, extensions,capitalisation, etc.

Franchisee is a type of business in which an individual or a group receives a license from a corporation to maintain a commercial enterprise. It enables a Franchisee to market a product in return for initial fees and percentage of usually provides assistance with advertising. Mainly three types of Franchisees.They are business format franchise,product franchisees, manufacturing Franchisee, etc.

Most people have a dream of starting their own business. You will get a lot of opportunities. There is one that offers greater stability and support than most,it involves buying a franchise. You can buy the right to use a given trade name and benefit from the expertise and experience of an already established company. There are many types of Franchise models available.

Business format franchise is a common type of Franchisee. It is the expansion of franchiser business by allowing individuals to buy a business with an established brand name.They will get support throughout the business stages and it will continue to receive support in running business. They are obligated to pay royalty fees to franchiser.Fast food industry franchise is an example .You can buy a franchisee.parent company collect fees from you.they will provide support to can use their brand name,training materials, etc.

Product Franchisee is focused on individuals who are selling products in a specific trade.It allows you to use their brand name ,trademarks. It provides you with uniform and equipment to represent the brand .They offer support to you.It is the great option for first time business owners.The example is an independent contractor investing in a franchise that has established name and reputation.

Manufacturing Franchisee allows franchisees to solve problems using their brand name,it is most popular in food and drink companies,children’s toys and cars.soft drink company is the best example. Parent companies produce concentrated syrup.They can use the company’s brand name and trademarks. If you would like to start your own business, you can buy an established franchise.

A franchise is a small business owner who operates a franchise. They pay a fee to the franchisor for the right to use business. We can start a government franchise. It provides 100 % can start a government franchise with Rs 15, can start a franchisee with kerala state horticultural products corporation. It is a simple business.

You can operate a franchise with a haritha should pay Rs 15,000 in horticop and you can start a franchise .If you want to exit from this franchise, they will return Rs 15,000.Horticop collects fresh and non toxic vegetables from the farmers. They sell these vegetables to the customers at affordable is done through haritha stalls in kerala.It helps to avoid mediators.horticop has district offices in all districts.

You can also become a part of horticorp and help with the promotion and sales of non toxic fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits will be sold through 100 outlets of Kerala state horticultural products development corporation. You can also apply for this. It is very useful for new entrepreneurs. You will get good profit from this business. You should order the product. It has no GST. They provide 14% commission to the stall owner.It is a 100% successful business. You should sell only horticop products through these can sell vegetables, fruits, chips, honey,etc.They do not give permission to start on road sides.It should be far from another haritha stall.

You should sell horticop products. You should check the products. Keep all the should give horticorp bills to the customers.

Age limit from 18 years.
Preference for the 2 year experienced people
Preference for Women,disabled people

Identity proof
Ration card
Application form

For more details

Visit official website of horticop

0471 2359651

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