How to start gold covering ornaments business at Rs 10000


      Gold is a yellow  precious metal, it is a substance from which jewellery is made. Gold is a chemical element containing 79 protons in each atomic nucleus. It has several qualities. It is attractive in colour and brightness. It is durable to the point of virtual indestructibility stability,it is usually found in nature in a comparatively pure form and  it is a highly malleable product. It is precious metal bought by people across the world.Now it occupies an important  place in our society. We can use it to make wedding rings,money,jewellery, olympic medals,Oscar,art. It  has been used to make ornamental objects.


     Since ancient civilization gold has held a special place of actual and symbolic value for is used for wealth protection and financial exchange. Without gold GPS and satellite technology could not navigate quickly. It is an essential ingredient in our life. Gold is a transmission metal. It can bond with other elements.


     We can start a business  with gold .We can see a place where we get gold covering materials at affordable  prices. It is in New variety gold covering, Trivandrum.  You will get necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings etc at wholesale prices.There’s a lot of variety of materials.  These are high quality  materials. 

    They have 30 years experience in this field. All gold covering items are here. You can buy from only wholesale. Different  models are available.  You can buy from here and sell to the market. They are made with copper. The necklace will be carved by Goldsmiths. They have a manufacturing unit in Kottayam.  They add gold to it. Then add plastic coating( laker) to it to prevent provides a gliding to the materials.  It has a 6 month warranty. You can use it for 2 years.These are show necklaces. Variety models are available.  It has Rs 1050/ 1 set. 1 set includes 2 necklaces.

You can also rent it. 


     Small chain Mala are also available  here. It can be used by small children.  It has Rs will get 100% margin from this business. Another type of chain Mala is available  here. It has Rs 60. It can be used for 15 to 18 years old children. College students  can use it. These all are the same like gold chains. Bombay chain available has Rs can buy from  Rs 1000 to Rs 10 lakhs and sell to the market. 


      1 gram chains are available. Mat finishing chains are available. Heart chain available here. Handmade seelo chains are available. 5 to 22 fit chains are available  here. The 12 fit chain has Rs 380.These are lengthy chains. Pearl chain has Rs 115. Different  colors are available. 


     Crystal chains are available. Double line crystal chain is also available here.golden anklets are available has Rs 95 to 125.simple necklaces are available starts from Rs 550 to 750. Lakshmi necklace has Rs 550 to 950.palakka chains are available. Mango red,blue green,available here. Different  types of Lakshmi,krishna available.  Pathakku necklace are available. Multicolor palakka necklace, peacock models are available. 


     They sent photos through  whatsapp. You can select and buy the necklaces.American diamond stone necklaces are available. Simple type necklaces are available. You can buy at wholesale price and sell to the market at 50% profits. They provide help to start a business. 


      Different  types of bracelets,bangles are available here.Tamil Nadu fashion bangles have Rs 19. Palakka bangles are available. Simple to heavy bangles are available.  Stone bangles are available.  Mat finished bangles have Rs 29.pipe bangles are available.  It has Rs 28/ piece.These are quality materials. Handmade bangles are available. 


      Different types of rings are available.  It has Rs 16 to 95.They provide 100% guarantee.  Children sized rings are available. It has Rs 12.Different types of lockets are available. You can use these lockets in chains. It has Rs 12 to 25.small to large lockets are available. New trend lockets are available. It has Rs 35.


        Variety earrings are available  at Rs 250 to 450.AD ear rings are can start a business  with these ornaments. 


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