How to start fish farming 


          Fish farming is a firm of aquaculture.  We can start a fish farm easily. Fish are raised in enclosures to be sold as food. Half the fish consumed globally  are raised in artificial  environments. Farmed species of fishes are mainly cob, tuna,trout, halibut.Fish farming is a solution to the overfishing  problem. The farms are far from severely  damaged ecosystems  by introducing  diseases and pollutants. The damage caused by fish farms varies,types of fishes,size of production etc.

        Fish is the favourite  item in the food menu of all Indians.Market demand is also high. We can ensure availability of fish to meet increasing demand through fish farms. We have a large number of natural  ponds .We can convert these ponds to a successful small scale farm.

       It has many advantages. The Indian climate  is suitable  for fish production. So we can start a fish farming  business. We can select various  types of fast growing  fish species.  It ensures rapid returns of your investment. Commercial fish growing can create new income and Employment opportunities. If you have suitable  land for fish farming you can easily  start this business. 

       Clean the bottom of the pond perfectly and fertilize it. Optimize the PH value of pond water and soil.selection of fish breeds is very  important. You should  select the types of fishes based on market  demand,availability, effective  utilization, etc.special care is necessary. The water PH must be 7 to 8 for optimum growth.  Fish ponds should be protected  from predators. Fish diseases can be treated with salt, potassium permanganate,etc.

      You should make a pond,not make Cement pond.make a wall with soil  filled sacks. Clean the pond very the sacks / flex under the pond. Then place the 200 gsm  tarpaulin above the sacks.  Fill the pond with water. Cover the pond with a net. Then cover above  2 m height of the pond with a green garden net.

       Check the PH value of the water. If the PH is high add alum to the tank. We should give aeration to increase the level of oxygen.  We can make an aerator easily.filtration is very  important.  We can clean the water with filtration. We can buy anabus and Vala. We can buy protein  foods and give to the fishes. Avoid should check the ammonia level of the water. 

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