How to start face mask business 


       This is a situation where the covid19 is increasing. During this time, wearing mask, sanitizing are  very important. Because we can prevent this disease using face masks and sanitization. Protective masks lower the chances of corona virus entering  our respiratory  system through droplets that are present  in the air.  It suppresses transmission  and saves our lives. 

      In this situation  face mask business gives a good profit. Always choose the right business  idea,calculating risks and profit.Face mask manufacturing business is a growing  business.  Select the business with massive demand . The covid19 is increasing, so the massive demand  for face masks is increasing. We have developed an idea behind the huge demand  for face masks in the market. Now it is a good choice.

           Earlier, face masks were only used in clinics,hospitals, etc.Now the need for face masks are rapidly rising because  of covid 19.people wear as well as carry face masks wherever they go.So we can choose face mask manufacturing business.

     First make a business  plan.It consists of goals,strategy, raw materials, etc. You should analyse and study its market potential well. It can be set up with a sensible investment. You should take care of location, machines and equipment, manufacturing process cost,etc. You should obtain the licence and registrations.

       If you want to manufacture N95 masks you are required to use mask band elastic, mask nose pin ,non woven fabric, exhalation valve. You can manufacture surgical masks, Splash resistant mask, anti fog surgical mask, N95 respirators. You need to focus on the distribution of the face mask. You can sell face masks to the retailer and wholesaler.

        We can purchase bulk and sell these masks to retailers. We can buy masks at Rs 10,000.3 ply surgical  mask has wholesale price Rs 1.90 and we can sell price upto Rs 5.In N95 mask,its wholesale price is Rs 70 and its selling price is up to Rs 90. In cotton mask, its wholesale price is Rs 12 andcits selling price  is up to Rs 20.we can select its print and designs. Cotton mask with filter whole sale price is Rs 22 and selling price is up to 40. The  infrared thermometer wholesale price is Rs 2000 and selling price is up to 4500.

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