How to start dry fruit business with license


      Dry fruits have special  status in the seasons. Nowadays dry fruits  have become staple in every home.With the rising awareness of health benefits of dry fruits,every house has its stocks. Dry fruits sold seasonally in special  shops from retailers and wholesalers. Cashew nuts,walnuts,almonds, raisins,dried figs are the most popular  dry fruits. Dry fruits are rich in antioxidants and fibers. It reduces  the risk of several diseases. Nuts are used in a variety  of dishes and baking sweets.

      We can start a dry fruit business. Dry fruit business  is highly profitable. It has a large network  of wholesalers in India. We can start a dry fruit packing business, dry fruit wholesale business, a dry fruit retail  business, and a dry fruit online business. 

      Food products business regulated by FDA. So you should study the laws well before starting  a business.  These type of businesses  need MSME registration, GST registration, Trade license,FSSAI registration, IEC registration. 

      You should create a plan before starting  a business.  This plan should cover target consumers, marketing strategies, distribution can select consumers from restaurants, super Markets,sweet shops,bakeries, online grocery  stores,catering  services, etc. 

      Always select high quality  dry fruits. Maintain  good communication  with retailers. Packaging and distribution  are important.  You should transport  dry fruits  through  well maintained  avenues to ensure the consumers. You can select marketing  through  social media, banners, advertising, TV,offers,discounts, etc.

      You should store dry fruits in a hygienic area .Sell it in cardboard, or wooden packaging to avoid contamination. Quality  control  is very important. You should check any discoloration, foul smell,hardened,expiry date,and taste to ensure the quality  of dry fruits.  Packaging is very important when distributing dry fruits. 

      With basic investment, we will get a good profit  from this business. We can select mango, jackfruit,pineapple, papaya,etc.we can dry these fruits and keep it and sell it.  We need dehydrates or solar drier machines are used for this business.  Wecan buy quality  machines.  We should prepare fruits in its season and dry them.We can buy these fruits  from shops and dry them well. 

     We can contact an integrated rural  technology  center and we will get free classes .We need a license from FSSAI,Dand O certificate, packing license  from legal metrology department,  sanitization  certificate from health center. We can apply online for these licenses.

     We can sell these products online. We can make small packets and sell them to the shops. We can focus on pregnant women and sell to them. 

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