How to start cotton waste business  at low investment 


       Cotton wastes are used to wipe and clean with short staple lengths and used as raw material. It is mainly used in industrial  applications, auto motive ,oil industries  to clean machinery  and floors.Thread cotton waste is a by-product  as 100% cotton yarn is very cost effective. Cotton is an important  natural  fiber. It provides fiber,oil and feed. Cotton stalks are utilized as a source of fuel  ,they are treated as solid waste in agriculture. Cotton waste is used in mattress , bedding industries, upholstery ,etc. It is used for wiping, polishing  hardware industries. It is used in embroidery  backing paper .

      Cotton recycling conserves resources, reduces waste.cotton waste are soft waste, commercial waste,hard waste,etc. We can see most entrepreneurs are using unused parts of cotton into renewable  energy for businesses .otton wastes are used to make clothing ,textiles .We can start  it as a low  investment  business.  We will get a huge profit  from this business. 

       It is a cotton waste business. Cotton wastes are used in electrical,  plumbing,automobile repair shops, painting, polishing, workshops, chemical  units,service centers, machinery  fields. Mainly it is important from karnataka, Tamil Nadu,etc. It needs small machinery.  It is a nano family business. We can start this business at home.

       It doesn’t need a brand name.we can sell it to petrol pumps, electrical shops,plumbing shops,spare parts shops,service centers. We can make cotton waste easily. Buy cutting  wastes and make threads using a machine  and make packets and sell them to the shops. It doesn’t need strain. 

       Mainly  this business  needs recycling  machine,sealing machine,electronic  weighing machine. Sealing machine has Rs 1750. Weighing  machine has Rs 4000.we will get 35 % subsidy. We need to cutting   waste to this business. We can buy cutting  waste at Rs 35/kg. 

     We can avoid labour charges. It needs extra transportation. We can sell 100 g packets for Rs 15. Commission of the shop owner is Rs 6. We will get Rs 9 profit. In Total we will get 9000 / day. We will get a profit  of Rs 50000 / month. It needs a trading licence, GST number. 

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