How to start cattle feed business at low investment 


     There are various cattle  feeds in animal husbandry. Usually  grass composes the majority  of an animal’s diet. And uses hay supplemented with soy, grain,and other ingredients to increase the energy. Cattle feed has a balanced source of nutrients.  It helps to increase the growth,milk production,and body maintenance  of cattles.mainly cattle feeds manufactured using grains,oil cakes,common salt,brans, minerals, vitamins,molasses,etc. 

     Cattle feed contains  energy,  minerals,protein, vitamins  required  for growth,milk production of animals. It increases reproductive efficiency.growing animals need 1.5 kg of cattle feed daily. 

     We can see how to start a business  with cattle  feed with small investments. It is in milky cattle feeds. We can see three entrepreneurs, who start a cattle  feed business.  They Make cattle feed for cows. They buy materials  from Salem and mix millet ,white tapioca,brown tapioca,wheat,turmeric  powder, salt,etc.

     They add brown tapioca  and make a bed of it. It has a ratio. 40 % brown tapioca, and others. They give white tapioca from here. Then add white tapioca bed. Then add turmeric  powder,salt   to it. Add the millet layer and again add turmeric and salt to it. It helps to avoid fungus infections .

     Millet is very  important.  It helps to increase milk production.  It has a lot of fiber content. We can buy separate millet powder from here. Then add molasses powder, wheat powder,cotton seed powder,etc.Then mix all these products. Then add all these again. Mix again. They add mostly protein -containing products to it. 

     It has  low cost cattle feed. Then pack it . 1 pack contains 45 kg. They make a liner above it. We can close it after use. It helps to never pass air to it. 1 pack has Rs 330. We can buy low cost cattle feed from here. 

       These products are quality.They add dry feeds like hen food. They add egg coverings, wheat, millet,mustard,etc.we can buy cotton feeds at Ts 20 / kg. We will get millet powder from here. It is Rs 27 / kg. These all are pure quality  items. 

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