How to solve wall dampness/ wet wall

     Today I would like to inform  you about how to solve wall dampness. Wet walls are a common  problem. It leads to the growth of bacteria  and molds. It creates an unhealthy  environment. Damp walls are smelly and it can cause permanent  damage to the paint . It affects interiors and it weakens the structural integrity of walls.

       It causes water from outside to get into the brickwork . Humidity  occurs in the walls due to any building  causes. Any leakage of the roof  causes the damp wall. Usage of porous bricks is another cause of wet walls.

     Bad materials  used in construction  caused a wet wall. Holes left in the wall  causes the moisture  in the wall. Leaking pipes  allowing water to enter the walls. Presence of salt in the plaster causes wall damp .

      It may lead to decay ,disintegration  of materials, and it causes growth  of fungus and corrosion. It may cause mechanical injury to the wall.

        We can paint this area with water proofing solutions.  Check and find the cause of dampness and take  remedy  measures. Find the joints of pipes,connections  and clear the problem. It is caused by negligence of workers.

     We can prevent this problem. Remove the loose concrete from exterior connections.  Remove dust and clean with water. Apply water proof materials like SBR based water proof materials. Take a good opinion from experts. 

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